Nevada Association of
Financial Aid Administrators


Awards are selected by the Awards committee or the current NAFAA President.

President's Award
The recipients of this award have made outstanding contributions to the financial aid profession at the state level over a significant period of time. The individuals selected for this award exhibit high integrity and character; have shown creative leadership; have inspired and encouraged others to participate actively in professional development activities; have sustained active involvement in professional organizations, and have supported the goals and objectives of NAFAA.

Distinguished Service
Individuals who receive this award have made outstanding achievements to the financial aid profession and to NAFAA's goals. Their career in the profession and within education itself has demonstrated service to fellow professionals, students, and those other publics served by the professional aid administrator. The individual selected need not be a financial aid administrator, but may come from the political, educational, business, or other community.

Long Time Membership/Involvement
This award is for long time involvement and recognition of years of service in NAFAA in several capacities. Recipient has participated in professional meetings and is held in high regard by his or her peers.

Outstanding Contribution
NAFAA's Outstanding Contribution is presented to recognize significant contribution to NAFAA and the Financial Aid Community. The individuals selected to receive the award have made outstanding achievements in the furtherance of NAFAA's goals; and have made significant contributions over a sustained period of time.
President's Award
2016    Sandi Guidry
2003    Barbara Hall-Bellows

Distinguished Service
2017    Renee Davis
2005    Kelly Kilby
2004    Rhonda Neale
2003    Mona Buckheart
2001    Carmen Dominguez
2001    Ben Loya
2001    Rhonda Neale

Long Time Membership/Involvement
2016    Mona Buckheart
2015    Barbara Hall-Bellows
2003    Sue Stokes
2001    Sandi Guidry
2001    Kim Coker

Outstanding Contribution
2017    Bruce Honer
2002    Joan Williams
2002    Barbara Hall-Bellows